My Quest:

Good Day--Welcome to my Writing Portfolio!

     This is my writing portfolio that explores Tolkien’s literary journey of both The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion. It is particularly reflective of his writings which demonstrate the theme of Good vs. Evil within Middle-Earth. I'll attempt to convey how each of the four written works found in this portfolio will help further examine Tolkien’s expansive creativity in the fantasy-realm. Each navigation element is indicative of the respective book that Tolkien has written. Feel free to peruse and review what I believe is a speculated account of each work. You’ll find that I’ve pointed out some references to his life experiences and its correlation to characters and themes within the aforementioned books. Each link from the navigation contains an aspect that Tolkien used as a vehicle to symbolize Good or Evil. Can you readily categorize them upon first sight?
These themes are also listed in tandem with brief detail below:

FOTR: Good vs Evil motif is established as the Fellowship formed.
The Two Towers: We see a shift of balance between Good vs Evil.
ROTK: Theme of Good vs. Evil along with elements of ambiguity. Good triumphs, but not without casualties and costs.
The Silmarillion: A book review containing origin stories that have elements of the Good vs Evil theme, along with rich, varying accounts and histories of both Arda and Middle-Earth are given.

Good luck with your portfolios everyone!